Wouldn't it be Great to be free from your fears, negative Thinking, anxiety, toxic behaviors and all of your personal, yet Secret, issues?

I'm Keith Ivey and I'm a professional clinical hypnotist. I can help you break through whatever those things are so that you can go on to achieve fantastic results in things you may have thought were impossible.

It costs you nothing to have a conversation with me on Zoom. But that conversation might turn out to to be the most important conversation you've ever had!

Making that conversation happen is up to you. Just click on the button below to get to my calendar. Select the best day/time for you and I'll see you on Zoom!

Helping clients in Atlanta, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Southern California and all of the US via Zoom!

Would You Be Happier If...

...you could let go of anxiety?

...you could let go of depression?

...you could move on from the pain of betrayal & lost love?

...you could experience greater self-confidence?

...you could be free from the toxic habits and behaviors which make you sad and disappointed in yourself?

...you could change your emotional relationship with food?

On a Scale of 1 to 10, with 1 Being Amazingly Unhappy and 10 Being Incredibly Happy...What Number Represents Your Happiness Level This Very Moment?

Your Happiness Number...at this very moment, doesn't have to be your "forever happiness." Your happiness and the way you are experiencing your life can change. You can change them. In fact, you're the only one who can change them.

Right now you may be unhappy because you feel very powerless or that you are "not enough". Perhaps that's  because, somewhere along the line of your life, you believed something an authority figure told you...that wasn't true.

If you're not happy with how you feel, know this: You can transform your life. In fact, you're the only person who can transform your life. I can help but you do the work.,

Another thing: You are not broken, and you don't need to be fixed. Perhaps what you need is....An Emotional Operating System Upgrade!

And that's what you can expect from hypnosis - An upgrade to that part of you that runs in the background and, yet, impacts every area of your life.

Keith Ivey

Certified Professional Clinical Hypnotist & Coach

What My Professional Organizational Memberships Mean to You

National Guild of Hypnotists

International Certification Board of Coaches and Hypnotists

My professional memberships means that I'm a hypnotist & coach who has invested - and continues to invest - the time, energy and money in professional training and development which enables me to provide you with the quality of hypnosis and coaching you deserve and expect.

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