Reclaim your Happiness with a Hypnosis Program Designed Especially For You!

Do any of these symptoms feel familiar:

1. Depression   2. Anxiety   3. Fear   4. Lack of Self-Confidence

5. Disappointment in yourself   6. Lack of Self-Discipline

7. Obsessed with a toxic relationship.  8. The pain of betrayal

Many Clients Who Come to Me Say:

"Nothing in my life works"..."I've tried to lose weight with every diet in the world and nothing works"..."I'm pretty close to giving up on ever bing happy again"..."Sometimes, when I leave my house, I have a massive panic attack and feel paralyzed"...

I believe you deserve to be happy and to feel in control of your life without the symptoms that now are making you miserable.

Don't just tolerate the symptoms. Treat the source of the symptoms!

Whatever is getting in the way of your happiness didn’t just show up out of the blue. It’s a part of what I call “Your Emotional Operating System”. Think of your computer. It’s hardware with an operating system. And no matter how great the hardware is, if the operating system if outdated, your computer will not perform like you want it to.

“Your Emotional Operating System” was installed in your mind at the moment of your birth. And it’s been getting data added to it every moment of every day since your birth.

Every word you’ve heard from your authority figures – parents, family members, friends, teachers, religious leaders – anyone you have viewed as an authority – every word has been added to your ”EOS.”

A lot of that data was useful to you as a child but it’s no longer appropriate for you as an adult. And, some of it was dead wrong. You were lied to.

Your “EOS” runs your life just like your computer’s operating system runs our computer.

Your “EOS” drives your beliefs. Your beliefs drive your thoughts. Your thoughts drive your behavior. And your behavior drives your results.

If you want to change the results you’re getting in your life, you have to change your “EOS”!

And that’s what hypnotherapy is all about – it’s simply a tool you can use to help you change your “EOS”.

Here’s how it works at Journey Inward | Journey Outward Hypnosis:

1. Everything starts with a 20-minute Zoom conversation about what’s going on in your life that seems to be causing your unhappiness.
2. At the conclusion of that Zoom conversation, if I believe I can help you, I’ll offer you a “No Pitch” complimentary hypnosis session so you can experience what hypnosis is like with me and I can experience what it’s like to work with you as a client. We will not talk about working together on an ongoing basis.
3. After your “No Pitch" complimentary session, if we both feel that working together would be of value, we’ll schedule another meeting for that conversation.
4. On that conversation we will dive into five things:
- You – where you are right now, how you got there, where you’d like to be, and when you’d like to be there.
- Hypnosis – what it is, how it works, what to expect and how to prepare.
- Me – what steps I’ll take to be help you get from where you are to where you want be.
- Investments – how much time, money and energy will be required to help you get from where you are to where you want be.
- Answers to your questions.
5. You’ll now decide about where we go from here.

Take your next step to being happier!

Schedule your 20-minute initial conversation today and let’s see if I can help you. Just click this link to get on my calendar.

Why Do I Do What I Do?

I didn’t plan to become a hypnotherapist. I was a well-known, highly respected health insurance salesman. And I was the world’s greatest actor.

No one in my life knew that I had given up on life and that my greatest desire was transition to whatever happens after life. I had experienced what I felt were the most serious disappointments a man could experience.

But, as long as I was alive, I had to through the motions of making money and maintaining my reputation. And that’s what I was doing when I walked into the Atlanta Aquarium for a business networking event.

I found more than 200 people there, many who knew me and a few that I knew. I put on my “networking smile” and turned on my “networking personality” so no one would know how the real me.

The evening was spoiled when a woman approached me. I knew her from a business association. She was (and still is) a hypnotherapist. I’d never been to a hypnotist before and, frankly, found hypnosis to be a little threatening.

She gave me a hug and whispered in my ear: “You need to come see me.” It was as if my networking performance had totally failed and that she had seen right through to the real me.

I told her I would, knowing full well that I had no intention of seeing her.

A few weeks later, we were both at another networking event and she approached me again. I got another big hug but, this time, she whispered in my ear: “Make the damn appointment.”

It became instantly clear to me that the only way I was going to get her off my back was to “make the damn appointment”, which I did.

Imagine my surprise when I left her office after that appointment with a feeling I had not had in years. It felt a lot like…hope…hope that I could be happy again.

I continued seeing her each week for two months. And, after an appointment, I said…without thinking about what I was saying…”Do you think I could learn to do what you’re doing so I can help someone like you’re helping me?”

She said she though I could and that let me to resign my insurance position and enroll in hypnosis school.

So! Why am I a hypnotist? Because a hypnotist used hypnosis to help me get my life back. And it gave me a mission: To help others get their lives back, too.


Setting up our initial conversation is simple: Just click on the button below to get to my calendar. Select the best day/time for you and I'll see you on Zoom!

Helping clients in Atlanta, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Southern California and all of the US via Zoom!

Would You Be Happier If you Let Go of...



...the pain of betrayal & lost love?

...a lack of self-confidence?

...the habits and behaviors like smoking, the toxic use of gambling, alcohol, drugs, and the horrible way you talk to yourself? 

...being unable to lose weight?

On a Scale of 1 to 10, with 1 Being Amazingly Unhappy and 10 Being Incredibly Happy...How Happy Are You Right Now?

Your Happiness this very moment, doesn't have to be your "forever happiness." Your happiness and the way you are experiencing your life can change. You can change them. In fact, you're the only one who can change them.

Right now you may be unhappy because you feel very powerless or that you are "not enough". Perhaps that's  because, somewhere along the line of your life, you believed something an authority figure told you...that wasn't true.

If you're not happy with how you feel, know this: You can transform your life. In fact, you're the only person who can transform your life. I can help but you do the work.,

Another thing: You are not broken, and you don't need to be fixed. Perhaps what you need is....An Emotional Operating System Upgrade!

And that's what you can expect from hypnosis - An upgrade to that part of you that runs in the background and, yet, impacts every area of your life.

Keith Ivey

Certified Professional Clinical Hypnotist & Coach

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