Keith Ivey Is a certified Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotist

Are you looking for a
non-surgical weight loss
solution with proven results? 

The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program is a proven method with over 2500 trained practitioners in over 16 countries - of which I am one!
I can help you to lose weight and keep it off using this revolutionary hypnotic method.

Get the Level Of Personal Attention
Your Success Needs...

I offer three different options to support your needs and goals

The Silver Plan: This is the classic four session protocol originally developed by Sheila Granger in the UK.
The Gold Resource Plan: This plan stacks success in your favor with additional resources and support.
The Platinum Resource Plan: Six months of success, with ongoing hypnosis, accountability and support. Recommended for those with more than 30 pounds to lose.

Pick the Plan that is Best for You!

The Simple Plan is great to start, especially if you are trying to lose less than 30 pounds. For those seeking to lose more weight and keep it off, I recommend the Resource Plan or the Platinum Plan.

The Silver Resource Plan


Up to Four Online Sessions

Package available for a limited time

Up to four online sessions so you can kick-start your success from home.
Downloadable MP3 self-hypnosis session so you can reinforce your success. 
Scheduled weekly for a full month of support and change.
Access to my private social media resource and support group.

Most Popular

The Gold Resource Plan


Up to Four Online Sessions PLUS lifechanging resources for success

Package available for a limited time

Everything in the Simple Plan is included here so that you get the start you need.
The 122 page workbook will be mailed to you, so you can reinforce your success between sessions.
Six downloadable MP3 Self-Hypnosis Sessions to master total wellness in every area.
Three eBooks you can download today that will support your emotional and physical health goals for the long term.

the Platinum resource kmPlan


A Six Month customized Hypnosis & Coaching Program  

Recommended for those with more than 30 pounds to lose.

Everything in theSilver and Gold programs so that you have it all!
Monthly one-on-one hypnosis sessions in addition to the first four weekly sessions so that you create long term success and keep the weight off.
Additional resources, MP3 hypnosis sessions, and other resources as individually needed throughout  our six months of accountability, action, and success!

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