Are You Ready to Take Back Control of this Part of your life?

Maybe you've had this toxic relationship with smoking for years. You've wanted to break up with smoking and, maybe you've actually broken up in the past, but the power of the toxic relationship pulled you back in. It's clear to you now that this part of your life is out of control and you need help to get that control back.

That's where I can help.

After just one hypnosis session with me, you'll be a non-smoker! You'll never smoke again for the rest of your life. I guarantee* it! 

How powerful is that? 

I'm so certain that you'll be successful with my "I Used to be a Smoker" program that I offer this 100% Service Guarantee*: After you complete my "I Used to be a Smoker" program, if you feel like you've got to have a cigarette during the next 12 months, call me immediately and I'll conduct a "Make the Want Go Away" hypnosis session free of charge. on the phone and get you back on track. 

The first step to becoming a "man or woman who used to be a smoker" is for us to have a "No Cost/No Obligation" conversation. I get to know you and your story. And you get to know me and ask me every question you can think of. When that conversation is complete, we'll both know if working together is a good idea.

Click HERE to schedule your "No Cost/No Obligation" conversation with me. 

 As a Certified Tobacco Cessation Specialist, I have the tools to help you where your willpower has failed! Stop smoking today with my "I Used to be a Smoker" Hypnosis Program!

How does my "I Used to be a Smoker" Hypnosis Program Work? 

My "I Used to be a Smoker" hypnosis program works by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind. For you, this means that your subconscious mind will do for you what your will power couldn't do - help you break free from your smoking habit and make positive changes in your life. 

Your next step is to schedule your "No Cost/No Obligation" Consultation with me Right Here...Right NOW!

"I Used to be a Smoker" hypnosis is a powerful tool that will help you make lasting changes in your life.


Hypnosis works by helping you change your thinking and beliefs about smoking. It will also help you to relax and reduce your cravings for cigarettes.

For years people have used hypnosis recordings, group hypnosis sessions and in person sessions to stop smoking. By meeting online, you'll be making this change in the exact same location where you used to smoke - your house. You'll create a new association with that space and stop associating it with smoking.

Online hypnosis with me will give you the tools and support you need to kick the habit for good. Lots of well-known people have used hypnosis to stop smoking including Ellen DeGeneres, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Now, you can use the same methods they used and you can do it online!

my "I Used to be a smoker" guaranteed* Program

Three guaranteed* hypnosis sessions on Zoom in which I commit to working with you for 12 months regardless of the amount of time required. 
One downloadable MP3 Self-Hypnosis Sessions to master total wellness in every area of your life.
A best-selling resource guide so that you can dive deep into your solutions between sessions.
Twelve weekly emails or text encouragements so that you are reminded that you have weekly support.
Access to me via mobile phone 10am - 5pm Eastern, Monday - Sunday.

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