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What if you could change Your life simply by Changing your Thoughts?

I believe that we get what we get in life because we do what we do in life.

 We do what we do because we believe what we believe about ourselves at the world in which we life.

We believe what we believe because we think what we think!

It becomes clear that changing our lives begins with changing our thoughts! 

And that's what hypnosis is all about.

Here's How to Get Started!

Everyone of my hypnosis programs begins with a 20-minute Zoom converation with me. At the end of the conversation, I'll tell you if I am confident I can help you. If I believe I can, I will offer you a 60-minute "No Pitch" complementary hypnosis session. That session will be totally devoted to helping you get the result you desire. 

At the completion of that session, if you want to discuss working with me on an ongoing basis, we'll set another appointment to discuss that. 

To get on my calendar for your 20-minute convention, just click on one of the links below and I'll see you soon on Zoom.

The One Session Silver Plan: Yes, I offer single sessions and you can go a la cart and book your sessions one at a time. I only recommended this approach for successive follow-up sessions and/or experienced clients. It is not the most effective option for new clients who desire to make significant changes.
The Three Session Platinum Plan: By committing to three sessions, we have the opportunity to work together to make the changes you desire and to support those changes by reinforcing your progress over three sessions.
The Six Session Gold Plan: Six weeks of success with ongoing hypnosis, accountability and support. Four hypnosis sessions in weeks one through four and two more weeks of coaching, hypnosis, support and self-hypnosis training. Recommended for those seeking to experience significant life changes and who are open to a hybrid of hypnosis, coaching, and support services.

Pick the Plan that Seems Best for You Right Now!

Letting go of your toxic relationships

 silver PLAN

Recommended for follow-up or experienced clients

One "Letting Go" session on Zoom
Schedule Your Initial Conversation now and we can schedule your session at the end of our conversation!

Most Popular

letting go of your toxic relationships

 Platinum PLAN

Three "Letting Go" Hypnosis Sessions PLUS self-Hypnosis Training and Resources

Make your change a lasting change with three sessions and my self-hypnosis training and resources!

Schedule your Initial  Conversation now and then we can schedule all of your sessions at the end of our conversation.
Six downloadable MP3 Self-Hypnosis Sessions to master total wellness in every area.

letting go of your toxic relationships

 gold PLAN

Six "Letting Go" Hypnosis Sessions PLUS Coaching, Self-Hypnosis Resources and Ongoing Support for six weeks

Recommended for you if you desire to make significant, long-term change

Schedule your Initial Conversation now and then, we can schedule your sessions at the end of your that conversation.
Additional resources, MP3 hypnosis sessions, and other resources as individually needed through our six sessions of accountability, action, and success!

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