A Lot of What People Believe About Hypnosis is 100% Inaccurate

Probably everyone has seen the iceberg visual. The point of that visual above the water line represents our concours mind and what's under the water represents our subconscious mind. 

If you ask 100 hypnotists, psychologist and doctors to tell you where the subconscious mind is located, you'll get 100 different answers. That's because we don't really know the answer. 

The subconscious mind is not a thing like the brain. You can't touch it, you can't operate on it nor can you see it. Rather, it's a word used to describe an odd belief that "there is a part of us that is not us that impacts us."

Your conscious mind is aware of you reading these words right now. It is evaluating everything you read and compares it to what it has experienced in the past. If what you read is consistent with what you learned in the past, your conscious mind welcomes that information in. If the information does not support what you've learned in the past, it gets rejected. It judges everything it sees and hears today in relation to the past. It has no concept about the future but it has an eye for history.

The subconscious mind, for my money, is far more interesting and complex. I think of the subconscious mind as a hoarder for it holds on to everything that I have experienced. My subconscious mind is only concerned with meaning and interpretations.

For example, when I was in elementary school living in Charlotte, my teacher stood at the front of the room and said, "Today is Keith's last day at our school. He is moving to Atlanta. He will have a very difficult time in school in Atlanta because Atlanta schools are much more difficult than Charlotte schools."

At this writing, I'm 74 hears old. That event happened when I was seven. But I remember it like it was this morning. I can see where I was siting. I can see what the teacher looked like as she spoke to the class.

My conscious mind remembers the historical event and dismisses it. After all, it was more than 60 years ago. But my subconscious mind doesn't remember the event as much as it remembers the emotional impact her words had on me...on the impact those words have on me even today. 

Someday soon I'll go to my hypnotherapist and tell her this story. I'll tell her that I'm way too old for memories like this to bring ears to my eyes. And I want to be free from the emotional impact this traumatic event had...and has on me.

No amount of hypnosis will erase the conscious memory of the experience. But hypnosis will diminish the emotional energy associated with the experience. And that's what I want - to be free from the emotional impact it has has on my life. That impact has been significant because it's stored in the part of my iceberg  under the water, far way from prying eyes. Even my own at times.

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